SCIEX: Sr. Instructional Designer

Stephen Thomas co-wrote, designed and developed this web course as an entry level intstruction to new users and operators of the SCIEX's Mass Spectrometry instruments. Stephen used Photoshop, Articulate 13, and Camtasia tools to produce this customer training program. (2016)

E-Learning Developer: Contractor

Stephen acted as a consultant on e-learning programs for various production companies in the Boston Area. Example shows  interactivity using Storyline 1 &2.

  •  Developed a full e-learning module on the use of cleaning all Walmarts nation wide.

    • Used Captivate and employed interactivity and a quiz assessment.  (May 2015)

  • Edited module on Post-Procedure Patient Instructions on Intarcia Therapeutics, ITCA 650 implant for Type 2 diabetes  (April)

  • Developed e-learning modules using Storyline 1&2 for Aflac Insurance through Illumina-Interactive (February- March 2015)

  • Edited e-learning modules for Baxter’s Renal-Force through Informa Training Partners using Storyline (April 2015)

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